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Healthcare and services

Keep the spine in a stable position and work with movement and precision

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Healthcare and services

Keep the spine in a stable position and work with movement and precision

Your chair for a healthy life

Why Bergardi also moves your life

  • Train the pelvic floor and core

  • Perform lateral movements

  • Counteract osteoporosis

  • Combating widespread diseases

  • Lose weight

  • Sit stably all day

  • A tense and inflexible pelvic floor and core area can restrict mobility and lead to discomfort. A well-trained core area improves the stability of the entire body. This prevents back pain and increases flexibility in everyday life. Women in particular, who are more susceptible to pelvic floor problems, benefit from this targeted training. Our saddle chairs are ideal for promoting pelvic floor and core health.
  • The circulation-promoting effect helps to prevent cardiovascular diseases. The active, dynamic movements also strengthen the deep muscles and help to improve posture
  • Bones are the skeleton of the body. With active, dynamic movements, you can increase bone strength and density and thus protect yourself from bone diseases
  • Back pain has become the number one widespread disease. Lack of movement due to sitting is the main reason for this development. With Bergardi chairs, you can counteract back pain preventively and undisturbed during the day
  • With a 15 percent increase in exercise intensity during the day, a body weight of 80 kilograms can burn up to 6000 calories after 2 months. This corresponds to around one kilogram of body fat
  • With Bergardi chairs, you remain in an upright posture throughout. This prevents you from pushing your body into the comfort zone and strengthens your muscles with active, dynamic movements

Bergardi - a healthy sitting experience

Why doctors recommend Bergardi

Der aktiv-dynamische Sattelstuhl Aurelia im Gesundheitsbereich

Sit stable and upright

The saddle shape keeps the upper body in a stable position, which relieves pressure on the back and intervertebral discs

Ergonomischen Aktivstuhl Aurelius für die Praxis

Discover completely new angles

The versatile positions allow you to perform activities at work more comfortably and efficiently. So why not simply do a moving hip thrust to the patient?

No to slouched posture and yes to more fitness while sitting!

Bergardi - versatile in use

Areas of application in the healthcare and service sector

Sattelstuhl Aurelia - Hüftbeuger stabilisieren

Physiotherapists and masseurs

In these professions in particular, it is important to adopt different sitting positions and work with an upright posture

Sattelstuhl Aurelia - Einsatz Physiotherapie

Nursing and medical assistant professions

In a dynamic everyday life, flexibility of movement plays an important role in staying mentally fit and strengthening the deep muscles


Die Aurelia-Dentalstühle von Bergardi sind aufgrund ihrer Qualität, Aktivität und Ergonomie besonders beliebt in Arztpraxen, insbesondere Zahnarztpraxen. Die zuverlässige Leistung und das komfortable Design machen sie zur bevorzugten Wahl für professionelle Zahnärzte.


The advantages of our chairs

More health through exercise

Train sitting down

Strengthen your back and ligaments

More concentration and performance

Your fitness professional

Bergardi - Product selection

Aurelia Saddle Chair
Aurelia Saddle Chair
  • stable
  • versatile
  • elegant
  • starting at
  • €818,97
Aurelius Ergo chair
Ergostuhl Aurelius Kunstleder schwarz
Aurelius Ergo chair
  • Active
  • Ergonomic
  • Comfortable
  • starting at
  • €952,23

Our blog

Find out more about active-dynamic sitting

Click here for the blog.


If you still have questions ...

I have back problems, can I use a Bergardi saddle chair?

Yes, the ergonomic shapes keep you in a stable and healthy posture throughout. In case of acute pain, a consultation with a specialist should be held before using a Bergardi chair.

How long will it take me to get used to the movements?

We only use ergonomic shapes that keep your body in a stable position. Depending on the strength of your muscles and your sitting habits, it can take anywhere from a few minutes to two weeks to get used to the chair.

Can anyone sit on a Bergardi active chair?

Basically yes. Many Bergardi users develop pain in the back or intervertebral disc area. Please note that sore muscles may occur in the first 3 weeks.

What is an active chair?

An active chair is a specially developed chair that promotes movement and health while sitting. In contrast to conventional office chairs, an active chair enables active movements of the body. These movements can improve balance, posture and circulation. The special feature of Bergardi's active chairs is the upright posture combined with active lower body movements.