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Bergardi for corporate clients

Satisfied and healthy employees

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Bergardi for corporate clients

Satisfied and healthy employees

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Bergardi for companies

Why Bergardi is the best investment for employees

Zufriedene Mitarbeiter mit den ergonomischen Bergardi-Aktivstuhl

Satisfied employees

Ergonomic and active-dynamic chairs promote employee satisfaction, as concentration and performance can be increased. Even a 30% increase in the intensity of movement significantly stimulates blood circulation and supplies the brain with essential nutrients.

Rückenschmerzen aufgrund statischen Sitzens und Bewegungsmangel

Back pain away - movements that help!

An independent clinical study shows: Bergardi ergonomic office chairs significantly reduce back pain and fatigue! Away with lack of movement, away with back pain!

Bewegungen mit dem ergonomischen Bergardi-Aktivstuhl Aurelius

Reduce days of incapacity for work

Musculoskeletal disorders have become the number one widespread disease. Active-dynamic chairs can be used as a preventative measure against these complaints. Sick leave costs around 100 euros per day. The investment pays for itself after just one working week.

Produktiv und gesund arbeiten mit Bergardi

Retain employees

In addition to an attractive salary, job security, social benefits and a pleasant working atmosphere are among the 4 most important aspects when choosing an employer. (New Work Trend Report, 2021)

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Die Aktivstühle fürs Büro

The innovation behind the ergonomic Bergardi active chairs

The Bergardi pendulum mechanism

The centered pendulum mechanism balances all active movements towards the middle and thus ensures that the lumbar spine and pelvis are evenly stressed. This allows the back to be exercised throughout the day.

The stable lumbar support

The center of the body remains upright thanks to the perfectly positioned lumbar support. The lower back and spine are relieved, which is why the "back effect" is so pleasant.

Von Wissenschaftlern entwickelt

Ziel war es, gesunde Bürostuhl-Alternativen zu schaffen, die dynamische Elemente mit einer aufrechten Körperhaltung verbinden. Bisher haben bei ergonomischen Stühlen wohltuende Bewegungen gefehlt. Gemeinsam mit der fachlichen Expertise von Orthopäden und Ergonomieforschern haben wir die Testsieger aus Österreich entwickelt.

Tested and recommended by experts

Further information on the products
Thomas Preisinger Gesundheitscoach -Bergardi

Configure the right active chair

Bergardi - Product selection

Aurelia Saddle Chair
Aurelia Saddle Chair
  • stable
  • versatile
  • elegant
  • starting at
  • 9 919 kr
Aurelius Ergo chair
Ergostuhl Aurelius Kunstleder schwarz
Aurelius Ergo chair
  • Active
  • Ergonomic
  • Comfortable
  • starting at
  • 11 533 kr



The University of Applied Sciences for Health Professions Upper Austria has conducted the most informative clinical study in the active-dynamic seating segment using Bergardi chairs! The internationally registered Bergardi study and other important studies in the active furniture segment can be found in the link below.

up to 36 %

Less fatigue in everyday life

up to 66 %

Less pain in the lower back

Here you can find the study in detail

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