About us

From the idea to the vision

Das Bergardi Gründungsteam 2021

About us

From the idea to the vision

About us

Why does Bergardi exist?

Der aktiv-dynamische Sattelstuhl Aurelia Pendelmechanik

Bergardi - The why

Bergardi is the result of many years of development, a passion for perfection and the drive to turn a sedentary society into a moving one. In recent years, "back pain and lack of exercise" have risen to become the two most common widespread illnesses. The main reason: prolonged sitting.

Our aim was to make society healthier again with a fitness coach!

the development


In-house development

Our chairs have been developed in our own workshop from the very beginning

Development process

With a lot of willpower and motivation, we created around 50 different prototypes before they were ready for series production


17 years of experience in the automotive seating industry and many years of know-how in prototype construction make us experts in chair development


Bergardi is made up of "be" and "avant-garde" and means something like "to be a pioneer". Bergardi sees itself as a "pioneer" in the field of active-dynamic sitting.

Move your hips and strengthen your deep back muscles!

What motivates us

Our vision

Sit correctly with Bergardi office chairs

With our Bergardi chairs, we will make lack of movement and unergonomic sitting a thing of the past. Anyone who sits for long periods of time will have a flexible training partner at their disposal to help them prevent back and disc problems.

Der aktiv-dynamische Sattelstuhl Aurelia im Gesundheitsbereich

Sit correctly with the Bergardi health chairs

In the healthcare sector, both patients and professionals should be able to lead a healthy and active everyday life. The active-dynamic saddle chairs ensure upright and active sitting in the practice or at home. The active chairs are designed to relieve back pain and promote an ergonomic posture. Sit upright and healthy: This is what characterizes the Bergardi saddle chair!

10,000 steps a day? Let's start moving while sitting!

The origin

How it all began

From the lumbar support to the moving office chair

Walter Schindlegger has always been a gifted developer. He himself has already registered over 20 patents and spent 17 years designing lumbar supports and mechanisms for a car manufacturer. After his brother suffered a slipped disc, he was determined to develop a new seat mechanism

The moving Bergardi team

He let his nephew Markus test the first prototype at a family celebration, as he himself had back pain. Markus was immediately impressed, and after just a few hours of sitting, his problems improved significantly. As an engineer, he was also fascinated by the mechanical solution, which is why he was determined to launch the chairs on the market with his uncle and combat back pain. Shortly afterwards, Thomas Riegler, who was already working in a start-up at the time, heard about Markus, Walter and the "miracle chair". As Thomas had always wanted to start his own company and immediately recognized the health benefits of the active-dynamic chair, he joined the two of them and founded Bergardi GmbH in 2021 - that was the start of our active-dynamic journey!

Your fitness professional

Bergardi - Product selection

Aurelia Saddle Chair
Aurelia Saddle Chair
  • stable
  • versatile
  • elegant
  • starting at
  • €753,30

46 total reviews

Aurelius Ergo chair
Aurelius Ergo chair
  • Active
  • Ergonomic
  • Comfortable
  • starting at
  • €959,97

47 total reviews


Our blog

Find out more about active-dynamic sitting

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Key questions about healthy sitting

FAQ about Bergardi

What makes a good chair?

A good chair is characterized by an ergonomic design that supports a natural posture. It is also important that it offers freedom of movement in the entire torso area to keep the back and pelvis fit.

Why ergonomic sitting?

Ergonomic sitting is crucial to counteract back pain and tension. A correct sitting posture relieves pressure on the spine and muscles in the back area, which improves well-being in the workplace. After just a short time on a Bergardi chair, you will notice a more upright posture and a more relaxed back.

Why is back pain increasing in our society?

Back pain is on the increase due to longer and longer periods of sitting and a lack of movement in everyday life. In addition, an incorrect sitting posture puts strain on the spine and leads to lasting damage. Medication and painkillers cannot combat the cause. What helps is physical activity. Bergardi chairs combine comprehensive lower body movement with an ergonomic chair design to tackle back pain at its source for the first time and promote health in the workplace.

Do Bergardi chairs really help against back pain?

The clinical study proving the effectiveness of Bergardi chairs is the first of its kind in the world and confirms a significant reduction in back pain when sitting. Bergardi's innovative, patented pendulum mechanism is internationally recognized as a leader.

Is sitting the new smoking?

Scientific evidence suggests that sitting for long periods of time hides similar health risks to smoking. Long-term studies show that people who sit a lot have an increased risk of heart disease, diabetes, obesity and even premature death. Regular exercise breaks and ergonomic office chairs help to minimize the negative effects of prolonged sitting.