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All our products are guaranteed for a period of three years. The period for calculating the warranty period starts from the invoice date for direct purchases via Bergardi. The date of purchase is shown on the invoice.

In the event of material or manufacturing defects in original parts within the warranty period, we will provide you with one of the following services as part of our manufacturer's warranty:

  • free repair of the goods in our factory or
  • free replacement of the goods with an equivalent item or
  • free delivery of the spare parts required for the repair (if necessary against return of the parts complained about).

The type of service will be determined by Bergardi after careful examination of the damage. If the goods or a part thereof are defective, this must be reported to Bergardi in writing, immediately or no later than 7 days from the date on which the buyer noticed or could have noticed the defect. Reports outside the specified period are invalid and are not subject to compliance with the warranty obligation. We would like to point out that the warranty period is neither extended nor interrupted by the warranty service provided.

In the event of a warranty claim, please contact us directly. Our customer service will assist you with a high level of professionalism and will take all necessary steps to help you quickly and efficiently. Trust the quality and service of Bergardi. We always strive to ensure your satisfaction.

Excluded warranty claims

  • abusive or improper handling or use,
  • Exceeding the maximum weight loads,
  • environmental influences (moisture, heat, dust, etc.),
  • non-observance of any safety precautions,
  • non-observance of the assembly and/or operating instructions,
  • Use of force (e.g. impact, shock, fall),
  • Attempted repairs, improper intervention or maintenance by unauthorized persons,
    wear and tear of the cover fabrics, damage due to care errors as well as impact, scratch and tear damage,
    defects in special items (e.g. special designs, upholstery fabrics provided, special paintwork).

Dies sind mögliche Schäden, die nicht übernommen werden:

  • Damage caused by liquids
  • Chair tipping over or falling onto the floor
  • Scratched surfaces due to hard, pointed or sharp objects
  • Punctures or pressure points caused by sharp objects
  • Normal wear and tear
  • Damage/marks caused by pets
  • Modifications to the product
    Use of parts or items with the product that have not been agreed or approved by Bergardi

In order to make a claim under the warranty, Bergardi must be given the opportunity to examine the warranty claim upon receipt of the goods. Care must be taken to ensure that damage during transportation is avoided by appropriate packaging. For the safe return transportation of your Bergardi chair to our factory, we will be happy to provide you with transport packaging if required and for a fee. The transport costs are borne by the warranty holder.

A copy of the original invoice must be enclosed with the claimed goods in order to apply for warranty service. We ask for your understanding that Bergardi may refuse to provide warranty service without a copy of the invoice. Sending a copy of the invoice serves to calculate the warranty period. Furthermore, the name and address of the seller must be provided if this is not clear from the enclosed copy of the invoice in order to establish the purchase from Bergardi directly.


Your statutory claims are not restricted by the guarantee. In particular, the existing statutory warranty rights remain unaffected by this guarantee promise.