Ideal for height-adjustable desks! The active-dynamic saddle chair Aurelia allows you to sit upright, moving comfortably as if on a horse saddle! The ergonomic and upright posture mimics standing and thus relieves the spine and the legs.

Aurelia is the perfect work or office chair for those who prioritize healthy and active sitting.

Material - Color
Lumbar support
Seat height


Violett - Gabriel Cura

Fabric - 98% recycled polyester, 2% polyester

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Technical data

Bergardi-Pendulum Mechanismk

Movement radius per movement up to 20 centimeters, the stable posture resembles sitting in a shell.

Lumbar Support

Individually adjustable in back height and back depth using handwheels. Specially integrated elastomers adapt perfectly to each back.

Height: suitable from 158 cm to 185 cm

Product Weight: 10 kg

Maximum Load: 110 kg

Dimensions (Height x Width x Depth): 100 cm x 66 cm x 66 cm

Bergardi pendulum mechanism

Thanks to our patented 2-axis guided pendulum mechanism, the movements are constantly balanced towards the center. The upper body and head remain upright, which is why the back and deep muscles in the lumbar spine area can be exercised undisturbed while sitting.


Delivery: pre-assembled in a box (assembly in a few steps)

Seat: made of fabric

Lumbar Support: Individually adjustable in back height and back depth using handwheels. Specially integrated elastomers adapt perfectly to each back.

Base: made of aluminum, black

Castors: Designer double castors, braked

Cover: made of Stoff, Violett - Gabriel Cura

Cura is a high-quality and sustainable upholstery fabric that transforms workspaces into cozy interiors and provides an aesthetic look. All covers meet the requirements of the EU Ecolabel and the OEKO-TEX Standard 100.

The delivered product may differ from the images shown.


Clean the fabric covers preferably with pH-neutral care products and a soft cloth. Vacuum residues beforehand with a vacuum cleaner to avoid spreading dirt residues.

Our active-dynamic saddle chair Aurelia

Health through an upright posture and comprehensive movements

Why the Aurelia saddle chair is perfect for your sedentary everyday life

The Aurelia saddle chair brings aesthetics and health to your workplace - no matter where you use this saddle chair! Nobody will catch you in an unergonomic or bent posture again! That's a promise! The AGR certification and the independent clinical study confirm the need for our valuable saddle chair!

Sit upright like never before!

The posture on the Aurelia saddle chair is similar to sitting on a horse saddle. With Aurelia, you get moving just like when riding a horse! The upright posture on the saddle chair relaxes the muscles in the thigh and groin area. The seat angle varies between 100 and 135 degrees.

Train your back the way you want to

The dynamic Aurelia saddle chair relieves strain on the back muscles and provides active training for the lumbar spine. The intervertebral discs are evenly supplied with blood and the supply of nutrients and oxygen is proactively promoted! Further advantages of Aurelia:

  • Increased mental Frische und Konzentrationsfähigkeit

  • Stimulate blood circulation and get the circulation going

  • Easier breathing thanks to the upright posture

  • The internal organs are relieved and can expand

  • A stronger pelvic floor and core

Bergardi saddle chair - your moving seating experience

Our Aurelia: The best for your health

Improve the quality of your work

Saddle chairs can be used in a variety of ways. Whether in the office, at home at your desk or in the doctor's surgery - the active-dynamic Aurelia saddle chair ensures greater well-being and health when seated! The Aurelia saddle chair is particularly suitable for working at height-adjustable tables.

Promote your health ergonomically and actively

The Aurelia saddle chair puts even and ergonomic strain on your spine. The comprehensive movements counteract tension in your back and proactively train your body.

Discover completely new sitting positions

The wide range of movement on the Aurelia saddle chair sets your pelvis in motion and strengthens the entire trunk area. The Aurelia saddle chair is ideal for adopting new working angles and counteracting problems caused by leaning forward and one-sided sitting postures. Your body feels more relaxed and your sense of well-being increases.


Saddle chair Aurelia

I have problems with my back, can I use a Bergardi saddle chair?

Yes. The ergonomic saddle shape keeps your spine in an upright and healthy position at all times and supports the natural curvature of the spine. With the Aurelia saddle chair, pain sufferers can alleviate their low back pain. It may take 3 weeks to get used to it before it takes effect.

When is a Bergardi saddle chair suitable for me?

Our active-dynamic Aurelia saddle chair is particularly suitable if you want to integrate a precisely ergonomic posture with active sitting into your everyday life. The Aurelia saddle chair is best used in combination with a height-adjustable desk to achieve a knee angle of over 100° of the thighs. The combination of the active-dynamic movements and the upright sitting posture can bring more health and well-being to the workplace. This is reflected in an increase in mental performance and productivity and stronger muscles in the back. It is not for nothing that saddle chairs are becoming more popular worldwide. With Bergardi, they are also moved in a way that promotes health!

Are the Bergardi active chairs tested according to DIN standards?

Ja, unsere Ergonomie- und Aktivstühle sind nach der DIN 16139 geprüft und getestet worden. Zudem tragen sie das GS (Geprüfte Sicherheit)-Zeichen und das AGR-Siegel. As there are currently no specific standards for active chairs or ergonomic active chairs, we are guided by existing standards that have remained unchanged for decades. This underlines the need for innovation in our active chairs, which set a new benchmark in sitting. In the long term, EN and DIN standards will also have to adapt to modern seating concepts. In any case, Bergardi office chairs are the perfect alternative to the conventional static office chair. Every Bergardi user can rightly claim to be a pioneer in the field of active and healthy sitting!

Can I sit on the Bergardi saddle chair all day?

Yes, after a short familiarization phase you can work all day on the active-dynamic Aurelia saddle chair without any problems. If you have switched from a conventional office chair to a Bergardi office chair, you may find the sitting experience unfamiliar at first. At first it can be hard and take some getting used to, just like on a bicycle saddle, but a little later it becomes comfortable and relieves pressure on the torso. The pelvis in particular is grateful for the inclined saddle surface. Give your body some time to get used to the upright sitting position and the lumbar support - with the active-dynamic Aurelia saddle chair you will always be healthy and upright on the road!

Can I sit on the saddle chair all day without a backrest?

The longer you sit on the saddle chair, the more important the backrest becomes. At Bergardi, we have our core values that our active chairs are geared towards: Ergonomics and activity. An upright, ergonomic posture is only possible with support in the lumbar region. Without a backrest, the upper body tends to slump forward, which in turn can lead to tension or back pain. The lumbar support in our active and office chairs provides optimum support for the lower back and still allows the lower body to move freely. For shorter periods of sitting of up to 1.5 hours, however, sitting without a backrest is not a problem.

How do Bergardi seating surfaces differ from conventional office chairs?

In the active-dynamic office chairs, exclusively ergonomic seat surfaces are installed. They are slightly tilted forward, causing the spine in the lumbar region to incline forward slightly. This corresponds to the natural S-shape of the spine. In contrast to conventional office chairs, on the active-dynamic saddle chair, you experience a much more upright posture and a relieving effect on the back.

Can the Aurelia saddle chair be used as a standing aid?

Yes, the Aurelia saddle chair is intended for sitting and standing-sitting at different working heights, unlike the Ergostuhl Aurelius. We offer two different seat heights. For individuals over 1.85 meters, it is important to use the "tall saddle chair."

How long do I have a guarantee on the Aurelia saddle chair?

Our high-quality active chairs are meticulously crafted with precision and handiwork in the DACH region. If any issues arise with your saddle chair, you can activate the warranty within 3 years. You can find our warranty statement here.

How can I return the order?

You can simply fill out the withdrawal form and send it back to us. You can access our revocation page with the revocation form here.


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