10 Tipps für deinen Arbeitsplatz: Gesund und bewegt arbeiten

10 Tipps für deinen Arbeitsplatz: Gesund und bewegt arbeiten

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In our hectic work environment, where efficiency and productivity are essential, the arrangement of the workplace plays a crucial role. A dynamic and healthily designed workspace can not only boost motivation and concentration but also contribute to getting tasks done more effectively. Here are some secret hacks to optimize your modern workplace and take your productivity to a new level. 

In this blog, we give you 10 tips on how to make your workplace even healthier!

1️⃣ Ergonomics as a Foundation:

Ergonomics is the key to a productive workplace. Ensure that your chair, desk, and computer screen are arranged to promote a healthy posture. An ergonomic office chair with an adjustable backrest and a height-adjustable desk can help minimize tension and fatigue. With additional movement, like an active-dynamic chair from Bergardi, you can strengthen deep muscles and counteract back issues.  

The pendulum mechanism of the Bergardi chair ensures that active movements are consistently stabilized toward the center.

Are you already familiar with Bergardi's saddle chairs with the shape of a horse saddle? Bergardi has further developed the saddle shape to create a healthy alternative to a conventional office chair.

Would you like more information about it?
Then read the blog Saddle Chair in the Office - Healthy Sitting!


2️⃣ Natural Lighting:

Daylight has proven positive effects on productivity and well-being. Position your desk near windows to benefit from natural light. If daylight is limited, choose warm, glare-free artificial light to create a pleasant work atmosphere. 


3️⃣ Order and Organization:

A tidy workspace leads to a tidy mind. Use organizational tools such as shelves, drawers, and cable management solutions to avoid chaos. Reduce distractions by having only the necessary materials on your desk. 


4️⃣ Personalized Design:

Design your workspace to reflect your personality and create a positive atmosphere. Inspiring images, plants, or personal items can contribute to creating a pleasant work environment and boosting motivation. 


5️⃣ Technology Optimization:

Modern workplaces are often heavily dependent on technology. Ensure that your devices are up to date and functioning smoothly. Invest in powerful hardware that meets your requirements to avoid delays and frustrations. 


6️⃣ Space for Breaks:

A productive work environment should also provide space for breaks and relaxation. Create a cozy corner with comfortable seating where you can regularly unwind. Short breaks can do wonders for your concentration and creativity. 


7️⃣Technology-Free Zone:

Although technology is indispensable, it can also be distracting. Create an area on your desk that is free of technology. Use this area for handwritten notes, sketches, or thoughts to foster your creativity. 


8️⃣ Noise Reduction:

Noise can significantly impact concentration. Invest in noise-reducing measures such as sound-absorbing carpets, curtains, or headphones to create a quiet work environment. 


9️⃣ Multifunctional Furniture:

Use furniture that serves multiple functions to save space. For example, you could choose a desk that also functions as storage. 

Bergardi active chairs can also be used multifunctionally. For example, rotate 90° on the chair to train your abdominal muscles while sitting!


🔟 Time Management Tools:

Integrate time management tools such as timers, calendars, and to-do lists at your workplace to increase efficiency and facilitate task planning. 


Setting up a modern and healthy workplace requires care and consideration. The mentioned hacks are not a secret formula for ultimate productivity, but they can definitely help create an inspiring and efficient work environment. Remember that everyone has different needs, so experiment to find the arrangement and design that works best for you. 


This blog was written with the support of artificial intelligence.

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